One Of The Oldest Black Owned Family Farms In South Coast MA.

Our families journey has brought us back to a full circle celebration of cultivation, healing and commitment to our community – as we begin to restore A.V. Rose Farms.  We were bred from farmers, activists, community builders, caregivers, and entrepreneurs and we look forward to continuing their legacies of- Bernardino H. Varela, the Alexanders, Varellas, Cabrals, Tavares, Mendes, Lopes, Thompsons, Brittos, Gomes and the Roses by carrying on the traditions of agricultural prosperity and teachings, while foraging a sustainable future. 

As a Mother and Daughter team we have centered our mission in everything equity understanding that all things are interconnected.

Leaning on not only our families history but the history of other Black , African American, Indigenous and Immigrant farmers and people. We will continuously seek to educate ourselves and more importantly share the knowledge that we gain with others.  A.V. Rose Farms is committed to building with the community. A. V. Rose Farms will host workshops, educational programs and events.

Putting our Environment and People first, Focused on our overall health and wellbeing, sharing skills and knowledge.

Our Impact
We grow all fruits, veggies, herbs and wildflowers pesticides free & purchase from small local farms to add to our variety and reduce waste. We offer CSA Spring- Fall deliveries $25-$45 (no contact) and hot meals for those in need. Fresh chicken eggs from our chickens, tincture, teas, creams, herbal blends and smoke blends.
As well as local honey, seasonal jams and relishes, jewelry.


A. V. Rose Farms is not affiliated with any organization, person, or business. All photos belong to A. V. Rose Farms.